Everything is pre-written.. but with prayers it can be re-written..
so live the best and leave the rest to Allah! :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

worthless to read. so dont read!


assalamualaikum and hi everybodyyyyy!
it's been a long time i havent post anything..hihi, i guess im not really a blogger =P

anyway, today i made a personal record for myself! (background: yeeeaayyy!)
i did class II amalgam on 14..and finished before 4o'clock..teehee~ and also, this was my first time supervised by doc wael..in my point of view, he's a lil bit different from doc fareed but it's okay, they are both good doctors! =D

hmm actually a lot of things happened lately..i dont know..hmmm..i dont know...hmmmmmm....=_=! stop it nblh, annoying lah=_=...


ok tatau nak tulis ape. baik g buat kek. bye!


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