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so live the best and leave the rest to Allah! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

takde ape pun


hohohohoho. hello peopleee :D *berhabuk*

i dont know where to start, cz a lot of things happened! (yeah i know i've always act like this everytime i'm doing a new post-_-") okay so lets start,

i went back to malaysia (home sweet home beybeh). well, as i expected, i gained weight (nasib baik diet before blk msia) , everybody was treating me like im not coming back again-_-.."makan je banyak2, kat sane tak jumpa dah.." that's their favourite line, and i couldnt believe that i fell for that?!


(pic atas ni semua time 2008. semua da besar da sekarang :') )

spending times with family was great. driving in your neighbourhood was even greater. learning that i could actually fetch my lil brother from his school, makes me feel like im a grown up sister. a very responsible sister, haha. ayah tak habis2 told me, "da besar anak ayah, banyak tanggungjawab blh pgg ni" -.-

anyway thanks mom and dad for having trust in me, and thanks aunty noy for lending me your car :D and thanks to someone for helping me to overcome my fear of driving :)

and now i'm missing home again! homeeeeeesick :P

yes yes, we moved! tak payah nak jumpa makcik tua mata duitan ngan anak dia yg bajet menakutkan tp hakikatnye wajar disepak sb jahat. ok, too much emo in that line nabilah-.-.... serious sakit hati je bila fikir pasal anak beranak tu?! allahumma sollu 3lannabiyy.. -.-......

so my hypothesis now is, if the landlord is female, then she's after-ing your money. proven right in our case. or true-true bak kate dr hadi hamasha. hehe.

and also, i'd like to thanks our syabab (batch 08), well, not all, but nearly separuh kot? for helping us. from 6pm to 12.30am, with 2 hours of break, and a lotttttttt of things (hell yeah). fourth floor, thats not easy. it costs you a wholeee lot of ATP.

and also thanks to bayt wayfarer for lending us helping hands, and also bayt DQ for making those delicious dinner for us. anyway alhamdulillah, our new house is great :)

sorry, this time im not going to involve like i did. penatlah bile pk keje tak siap2, like this one thing im working on. macam haunting me everyday, amanah yang tak tersiap2. who can live with that? well, i did, for like one semester already.
so, no more AJK-AJK aa pasni. will focus on my study and "other" thing. and even if i wanna help in some occasion pun, i'll look who's the member of that team. buat keje and tak menyusahkan ke, or vice versa. 

hehe bukan ape, but i learned a lot from them. i watched sungkyunkwan scandal ngan dream high. sgt2 terkesan with their efforta in making their dream reality. HARDWORKS PAY.
if they can do it, why we, as a muslim, who knows the purpose of our life, couldnt do it? hmm........... muslims nowadays are very well known for bad qualities. if you compare a japanese (well i purposely picked for example) with any muslim nowadays (or specifically, ourselves la, melayu), who has better qualities? honestly, sape? ha, malu je nak cakap kan.....

ok, i think that's enough, even though there's still a lot more to tell. but i think cakap banyak tapi tak buat pun tak guna.


p/s: tahniah jaq sb da kawin! tahniah kak ira yg bakal menyusul september ni! ok, who's next?? hehe
p/s II: eh kenape takleh upload gmbr? lecehnye la.