Everything is pre-written.. but with prayers it can be re-written..
so live the best and leave the rest to Allah! :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

bye bye ma3rad thaqafi

salam 3leykum ya jami3n, keifel hal? allah yestor 3leykum insh2allah.

i've got to make this post because i said that i'm gonna upload some photos from the ma3rad. though i dont think anyone is waiting, but a promise is a promise-_-" (so next time pls dont say u want to do etc etc when u know in the end u wont be doing that-_-").

for your information, ma3rad has ended like 5 or 6 days ago, but only now i got a little "free" time to post them (due to back-to-back exams and problems with my laptop). enough talking, and enjoy the pictures =)

 17 countries

 turkish selling hijab at their booth.

 syrian tradisional game (hey i know how to play this! xD)

 barber shop at syrian booth. whats up with the like, comment and unlike(?!) things guys? lool

 syrian foods/halawiyat is always on the top rating x)

 kuwait booth

 in the middle of the ma3rad

 malaysian booth, hehe.

 sa3udi booth.

 palestinian booth

view from the outside

there's still lots more of photos but i guess bekaffi (enough) for now. =)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Laptop jatuh sakit


Yes, my laptop jatuh sakit. Ana ma b3ref leysh, mumkin fi ktir ktir virus feeha? Tp bgs gak, xde la lalai sgt ngan laptop. Dpt online n bhubung melalui internet thru cellphone pn jd la.

Btw i wanted to upload few photos from the ma3ra9' but i guess i can do that later after i finish microb xm. And yes babe, im in the middle of the exam week-i could only free myself after the sem ends.. n Pls pray for my success, 2 sbjects gonna strike me out on the 27th!

And one more thing, i miss my family soo much! I think i have developed homysickomia.. :(

I gtg, n oh, mind my so the rojak bhs. Hee :D

Monday, April 19, 2010

Shine On baybee

by: Eric Bibb 

Life gives you the run around,
you say,
you wanna know, how much dues must you pay,
well, you can't have what you want too.
well, theres a will, there's always a way,
keepin your eyes on that mountain top,
one step at a time.
dont ever, ever stop.

keep on when your mind says quit,
dream on til you find your living it,
i'll be right by your side.
ya baby keep on,
dont stop til you win your prize
lean on all the love that's in my eyes
your a diamond to me,
yes you are,
shine on..
shine on.

well i know what you've been through,
i see,
it's time to leave it behind and let it be.
heart and wisdom's something you can't buy.
it's the wings of experience that make you fly high,
dont look down and dont look back
dont turn around your on the right track

keep on when your mind says quit,
dream on til you find your living it,
i'll be right by your side.
ya babay keep on,
dont stop til you win your prize
lean on all the love thats in my eyes
your a diamond to me,
yes you are,
shine on..
shine on..
shine on..

dont stop now,
shine on.

keep on when your mind says quit,
dream on til you fine your living it
i'll be right by your side.
ya babay
dont stop til you win your prize
lean on all the love that's in my eyes
your a diamond to me,
yes you are.
shine on..
shine on..
baby you got to shine on.
that's what you wanna do.
me and you.

you got to shine on.
sparkle baby.
shine on ,
shine on ,
shine on ,
baby you got to shine on.

p/s: thx suha.. she dedicated this song when i was down..<3

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ahlen ahlen ma3rad thaqafi!

so today, was the opening ceremony of 

معرض الجاليات العربية و الأجنبية السابع 2010 

((Exhibition of Arab Communities and Foreign VII 2010))
or simply we just call it, ma3rad thaqafi (cultural exhibition). this event will be held from 18th April till 22nd of April 2010. and there's about 17 countries participating in this annual event, they are:
  1. Syria سوريا
  2. Palestine فلسطين
  3. 'Iraq العراق
  4. Saudi السعودية
  5. Bahrain البحرين
  6. Oman عمان
  7. Malaysia ماليزيا
  8. Kuwait الكويت
  9. Yemen اليمن
  10. Turkey تركيا
  11. Somalia الصومال
  12. Eritrea اريتيريا
  13. Sudan السودان
  14. Tunisia تونس
  15. Lebanon لبنان
  16. Mauritius موريشيوس
  17. Russia روسيا
and this is the first time i see Russia participating. (i dont even know that there are russian students in my university, bcz most of them are studying in engineering faculty).

for this ceremony, i'll put a video later on after i finish compiling them. and im really looking forward for this event, hopefully everything will be just finee. cant wait for tomorrow! x)

Friday, April 2, 2010

penangan hormones saye (P.H.S)


ok. dah lame rupanye sy x update blog. haha, sb itu bukan rutin sy. mengupdate blog mmg bukan rutin sy. sy update bila sy rs perlu sahaja. tak kesah la sharing ilmu atau luah perasaan. im a human. deal with it.

akhir2 ni, mmg mood sy swing cam gila. ya Allah, kau je faham hati ni macam mana. mood swings 360', gara2 hormone sdg aktif dirembes? (secreted-i dont know what's the correct term=.=").

sy rs, semua org yg tergolong dalam kaum hawa faham perasaan ni. kejap2 rs nak marah, kejap2 rs down, kejap2 rs cam..ntahla..sy tau, seorang muslimah takleh macam ni. Allah tak suka hamba yg lemah. but sometimes we couldnt help it T_T sedih. tak dapat kawal perasaan ni, kan?

bila dah mcm ni, kita pun carik org nak ngadu. ngadu ngadu ngadu, still tak puas lagi. rs cam something wrong lagi dgn cik hati.

ni la ape org kate, PMS. pre-menstrual syndrome.

 pmpn kalo xreti kawal prasaan time diuji dgn PMS, mmg scary=.=!!

sy pun snanye br je lpas mngalami PMS ni. seriyes, gile weh. mmg kne sabar n byk kali istigfar, to keep me tenang all the time.

antara risk factor for this PMS thing is high caffeine intake.
PMS symptoms appear to be most troubling in women who smoke, have stressful lives, rarely exercise, get insufficient sleep, or who have a poor diet.
In fact, PMS symptoms may be triggered or worsened by a high intake of caffeine, alcohol, salt, red meat or sugary foods (especially chocolate). . .despite the fact that many women with PMS have cravings for these substances (especially chocolate). ((source)) 

lately pn, sy byk exam, and i need a cup of coffee to keep me awake at night, stu-DYing for exams. uhuh. sjak sem ni sy da pandai minum nescafe. before ni mmg takleh masuk ngan nescafe..exam punye pasal kan T_T and consequence nye, sy nyaris menghadapi sleeping disorder. body punya biological clock pn tunggang-langgang, muram durja je g kelas. huhu.

and yes. i eat chocolates many times per week. boleh gemok ni=.=" i get insufficient sleep. kdg2 tdo kat meja study je. tak dpt rs nikmat tdo dlm hirom (selimut tebal 10kg) time2 sejuk gini. T.T but my diet is still normal =P

so ble korang da nk dkat2 PMS, sile la jage diri masing2. elakkan benda2 di atas. makan la benda yg ade tryptophan cam batoto (kentang), susu, sb mengikut kajian saintis barat, diorg kate, amino acid tryptophan ni boleh stabilize our imbalance hormones.

di samping tu, eh bukan disamping. sepatutnye, sile2 la rajin zikir dan seangkatan dgnnya, memandangkan ma3zurah kan..takleh solat, takleh pgg quran..huhu..istigfar setiap kali kte rs nak marah, n igt, Allah pn ade sebut dlm al-quran:

"Dan Kami pasti akan menguji kamu dengan sedikit ketakutan, kelaparan, kekurangan harta, jiwa dan buah-buahan. Dan sampaikanlah khabar gembira kepada orang-orang yg sabar." (2:155)
mungkin ni ujian utk kite as kaum hawa. cube bayangkan kalau lelaki yg PMS, wow, msti cam lg dahsyat kan o,o""
wallahu a3lam.

hehe ok lah, nk study utk oral physio plak. doakan sy cemerlang! =)