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so live the best and leave the rest to Allah! :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

random stories

salam ppl. how have you guys been doing? tamam? menih?
so here are few stories i wanna share..

story #1
i have this one little pedo patient (he's eleven btw). his oral hygiene is pretty good. very minimal caries so we just did PRR and fissure sealants. and i gave him OHI (oral hygiene instruction).

so on our last appointment, we brought him to arabella. i promised him to treat him with mcd. so i bought him mcroyale LARGE (wajbeh). and during the meal, he asked, "is it okay to drink this whole cola?" i was like, *tersedak sedak*. because i told him earlier that dont drink cola, it's not good for your teeth.

oh my god. how horrible that feeling was. it's like you dont do what you preach. when i reflected, it's the same in doing da3wah, if you dont do what you preach, you should feel that you're horrible. really horrible=.=............ *insaf*

story #2
last liqa, we discussed about qiamah (againnn??!). you know, it's really insaf-ing when we discuss about this topic. you will feel like, im not ready to die. i still need to top-up my iman, my amal and everything that could help me to weigh my mizan towards jannah. sobs. 

do you guys know about china? they are being ruled by communist since..i dont know when..? what concept does their ideology portrays? do you guys know? well, we should do some research. i only know their surface story, but it's enough to make me worry. sb diorg cam israel timur.

and i dont know where do they get the info that dajjal will come out from golan lake. fyi, golan lake is located in between israel and syria and jordan. it used to be syria's, but now it's in israel's territory. and they said that once the lake is dried, dajjal will come out from there. and guess what, israelians use that lake as their water-source=.=..... i dont know how far is the truth of this news but nevertheless, it's enough to make us worry that qiamah is not far from us.
golan lake from umm qays's view (pic courtesy from google)
and one of qiamah's sign is the sun will rise from the west. some said, it's not literally that the sun itself, it might be the muslims in the west. as we all know, number of muslims are rising day by day in the west. they are rising in number, and the "kepekatan" of iman.

they said that islam will rise again before qiamah. so we dont have to worry as long as islam doesnt rise yet. no, you must not think that way! we dont know exactly when will islam rise. maybe without our knowing, islam is actually rising and spreading all over the world. and suddenly comes the qiamah. 
how unlucky could we be, not knowing about that?

aren't you scared people?

story #3
ok this one, is some sort of emotional bit. what i want to state here is that, it's not a shame to get off a taxi in the middle of the road if he asked more than what you should pay. but it's stupid if you stay and agree to pay that much. unless you're very desperate.
taxi in jordan (pic courtesy from google)
damn it happened to me today. and i chose to get off the taxi. i got to ride a coaster right after i get off the taxi. how nice of Allah.

but anyhow, i couldnt stop complaining about that taxi driver. curse you stupid 3mmo. it's not my first year in jordan.

so malaysian in jordan, fight if you have to. dont just be pak turut. it's your right anyway.