Everything is pre-written.. but with prayers it can be re-written..
so live the best and leave the rest to Allah! :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


same2 check diri masing-masing.
 banyaknya nak kena perbaiki kat diri ni T_T

1.  Tahajjud: kerana kemuliaan seorang mukmin terletak pada tahajjudnya.

2.  Membaca Al-Qur'an sebelum terbit matahari.

3. Jangan tinggalkan masjid terutama di waktu subuh. 

4.  Jaga solat dhuha, kerana kunci rezeki terletak pada solat dhuha.

5.  Jaga sedekah setiap hari.

6.  Jaga wudhu terus menerus kerana Allah menyayangi hamba yang berwudhu.

7.  Amalkan istighfar setiap saat.

sebagai renungan *_*...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

islam vs valentine (link)


different view, different perspective. 
let's read islam vs valentine. 
and since it's not my article, so i put up the link here.
 so, CLICK HERE to read full article.

i never said yes=.=

Saturday, February 12, 2011

kehilangan besar


sape tak kenal imam hasan al-banna kan? lagi2 yangg ikut tarbiyah, tipu gle kalau tak kenal.
hari ni genap 62thn dia syahid.

sy malas nk cakap panjang, kita baca blog ni jom! (klik link)

egypt revolution


finally mubarak has stepped down. mabrook ya misriyyeeeen. your revolution worths something ^_^
i hope the next president will be much much more better. allah ybarek fikum, insyallah =)

Some of the lyrics (will update when get better translation):
We held our heads high
And hunger doesn't affect us anymore
Most important thing is our rights
And to write our history with our blood
If you were one of us
Don't tell us
To go away and leave our dream
And stop saying the word "I"
In every street in my country
Freedom's voice is calling

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my egypt trip


hehe for those yg nk tgk pictures ms trip sy ke egypt, blh la tgk kat fb sy. mula2 igt nk upload kt blog tp cm xsesuai je, n byk sgt.

dont worry, sy ade selitkan sedikit sbyk sejarah dlm caption gmbr2 kat fb tu.

and oh btw, fb sy private. only friends yg blh tgk. so sape2 yg baru nk add, blh la add ideology_me        @yahoo.co.uk

sekian, terima kasih =)

Monday, February 7, 2011

i was in egypt :O


helllllo all, as you all can see, i just came back from egypt. uh huh. egypt.

hmdlilla 'ala kulli hal, i had safely arrived after spending one night in cairo airport. our flight was first delayed from 11pm feb 2nd to 8.30am feb 3rd. but thennnn..they suddenly cancelled the morning flight and told us to go for the afternoon flight.
that was bfore the peak hour. 
so we waited. with patience. and hope.

as early as 12pm, one of their stuff went thru the people and called out for people who's leaving for amman. everybody rushed to the gate, leaving all the foods and other stuffs behind, pushing the trolley, like a swarm of bees, fighting themselves to pass the gate. so did we. everybody's throwing their bag onto the bag scanner=.=

our bags 
with the help of one of our syabab, we managed to pass the gate. hmdlilla hmdlilla hmdlilla. we were so relieved, as passing the gate means we have a promising chance to get on board. and we did. and arrived in amman safely :)

and i hope, that will be my last flight with Egypt Air. BYE BYE egypt air, i wont be looking forward to use anymore of your services ^_^

* * * * *

so as for my trip, hmdlilla, we were so lucky to finish our trip right before the chaos started. on the day i arrived ARMA (28/1), the riot started. i was supposed to meet wani and another wani, because we have our own plan up until feb 2nd. sadly, we had to cancel our plan to dream park T_T, ma3rad kutub (2nd largest international book fair), and also city star. SOBS. and the more sad part was wani couldnt turn herself at ARMA due to the curfew and safety outside.
on my last day
 (actually 2nd last day as my flight was delayed).
new friend and my best ex-classmate ^_^
thank you for everything girls!
i spend like 5 days in ARMA with suhaila aka my ex-classmate. and i met a lot of intec friends as the embassy moved almost all the malaysian students in sayyeda zainab into ARMA, from 300, we became 500 in total. could you imagine how packed we were? one room (which is supposed to fit 3 ppls) for 7 ppls. and we had limited food supply from the cafeteria. limited stock from the co-op. but i think it was enough, cz i didnt starve to death. i dont know about others.

instead of having 8 genih on a plate of lunch/dinner....
buffet for both lunch and dinner at kafe seri putra.
we cooked our own dinner....
chef sue: fried indomee with perencah bandung for dinner!
at night, ARMA admins make some of us guarding our floor. because you see, we were told that 1000 (or 2, im not sure) prisoners escaped and now wandering around, armed. so we had to stay careful. and i still remember few moments; at 12am i heard gunshots. and another gunshots at 3am, but this time i heard kids screaming =( and at 7.50am, near the end of curfew for that day, i still hear kids screaming, as if they are being chased. i couldnt imagine what's happening outside our building =(

and oh, you guys know that the riot started on 28th right? well, on the 29th, we went out with an ustaz to find few things before going back to jordan. in the middle of us trying to get to the souq, few shops rushingly closed their stores. they said there are peoples who gonna start the riot again. so we had no other choice other than to retreat and go back to ARMA. and on the way back, guess what we saw?

uh huh. yep yep. hehe. no comment.

okay lah. i guess im ending this post here. bye bye! see u guys again ^_^