Everything is pre-written.. but with prayers it can be re-written..
so live the best and leave the rest to Allah! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i see no free time but works=.=


few days back, i had a sort of bad days. i dont know why. i was moody, gloomy, inside. everything wasn't fine. maybe it's just PMS.

so to tell you the story, i attended a program, a very eyes-opening-program: ISK or what u call, Ini Sejarah Kita. i had this program once during my preparation but that was like a very summarized one. so i decided to go for the full-version one.

at first, i was a lil bit swingy with my moods. can i blame the PMS again? uhuh. i was fighting like hell with the devils to renew my niat everytime. and alhamdulillah i was ok after then.

so if ur naqibah ask u to come to ISK, pls guys, dont hesitate. i learned a lot of history.

the Islam's history and a lil bit of Christian's history. i get to know how was the world before Islam came, how did the da'wah spreaded, how Islam get to their Golden Age..oops, not theirs, but OURS =)..and how did the civilization of Islam and the Khilafah was brought down by Islam's greatest betrayer..

i tell u my friends, it is not a waste of time or anything going to this program. u will finally realized, how the ummah has suffered for not having the Khilafah system. we may not feel like suffering but actually, we are indeed.

u may not see what i am saying right now but once u go to the program, insya allah, u'll understand.
i'd like to share of what i got during that prog, but maybe next time =)

oh n btw, 

i finally took off my braces. it was like a few hours ago and i've started missing my braces T_T..sobs T_T.. (i should be happy but im sooo gonna miss how my braces could scare or astonish the KIDS, HA HA!)  

 ( my ortho appliances is not that bad=_=" )
i've already bought the dental anatomy and occlusion material for teeth carving. oh i jz cant wait! =D

so that's all about my updates. later :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

i miss him =(


this picture was taken during hil's 9th birthday. mama and ayah treated him at Iranian Restaurant in Ampang. He got such face because the drink was bad.
hilmaaaaaannn..i miss you sooooo much!!!! TT_TT

p/s: credit to mama for this pic. sorry ma, i grabbed it from your facebook =)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

happy birthday hilman!

6th of february- hilman's birthday.
since i was a kid, i never forget my family member's birthday. 
so hil, please, be anak soleh, not toleh ok. dont eat too much and please diet=.="
kakak loves you soooo much.
happy 9th birthday, may Allah bless you lil boy.

p/s: suruh mama translate kalau awak xpaham ye mok! hehe =P

Saturday, February 6, 2010

ajloun snows!


today is my happiest morning in jordan! finally, my childhood dream comes true xD
this is my first time playing in the snow, and im sooo happy =D

mind me, europeans. jordan only snows in certain places once in a few years.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

semester break


hi guys. its been a long time i didnt post anything here. and i bet many of u wonder, why do i switch to blogspot AGAIN..lol, the reason is simple, i jz want to create some fun during my sickly-boring-holiday for this sem. (yes i know the reason is not wise enough=.=")

ok well lets see. im in the middle of my semester break. and i planned to go nowhere.

i stay in Irbed, doing stuffs that i've been wishing for when i did not have the time. i watched Boys Over Flower (korean drama series), learned new tricks from the photoshop tutorial (thank you youtube) and cooking new stuffs like the kuih tradisional (thank you myresipi.com).

*boys over flower* 
*lee min ho, i think u look much better with straight hair =.="*

unfortunately, my kuih tradisional didnt turn out successfully. and yes, it was a failure. should i  blame the yeast for not doing their job or blame myself for not reading the instruction? =.="
 *onde-onde aka buah melaka-a 60-40 success kot=.=" *

 *i was hoping this apam would turn out beautifully....*

*but it didnt=.="....*

for the remaining 1 week 4 days, i guess i really need to work on my tajwid exam. i did attend the tajwid class with arab's sheikhoh and understand the lectures (really bell? lol) but if i read the book itself, man, surely that will take lots of time. so izzah pubu and skinot, u guys really need to help me out =D

i hope this break will bring back all my spirit. next sem is gonna be tougher, by looking at the subjects themselves has made me go ooooyai~ haha..

but pls, dont forget to continue with our simple amalan esp during this leisure break. simple al-mathurat and al-mulk =) pls be safe during ur holiday my dear friends, i know u guys travelled here and there but do take care of yourselves since second sem is waiting for us =P