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Monday, October 4, 2010

back in Jordan


salam everyone! hehe. alhamdulillah, im back in jordan. and alhamdulillah too, im officially 3rd year dentistry student.

speaking about 3rd year, well im actually very grateful and happy, because finally, im learning dentistry stuff. i mean, before this, most of the subjects were medical one. i didnt see my future,or my career in those subjects=.=

in prothodonticss, we are now learning to make a full denture for an edentulous person. next lab we gonna do custom tray, for secondary impression.  though this stuff is actually technician's job, but as a dentist, it's a shame if you ask a person to do thing that you actually dont know. dr saleh told so.

in conservative dentistry, we are now learning how to make a cavity. how to restore a tooth. tomorrow's lab, we gonna do for class II. im excited to use the handpiece and burs and drill my plastic tooth. last time we did the work on the table, not in the phantom head. well tomorrow, it's gonna be in the phantom head. im thrilled! =P

in oral pathology..ermm..not as excited as other dental subjects=.= because there's no lab work to do=.=..all we do was listening to the lecture and look at those pathologic microscopic images. i get bored. but i know, i must study it well, because im gonna be using that knowledge for the entire life afterwards=.= oh god=.=

in pharmacology, simply, i couldnt focus. so many drug's name to be memorized=.= i'll do my best, but Allah, pls help me=.=


alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah. =)


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