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Saturday, October 23, 2010

3/4: wasted!


oh, hi.. wow,, wow,, wow,, (can u imagine putting some expression on my face while im saying that line?) yes i know, hideous. LOL.

what makes me go "oh hi wow wow wow" is that, i didn't study today. ok, i DID NOT. okay. that's bad. exam is next week. but i wasted nearly 3/4 of the day watching tv series.

what tv series?

it's HOUSE. 
fyi: i've just started on House. season 1. i watched it on AXN when i was still schooling.

well you can study that way nbeela. but how effective that could be? just by recalling the drug's name pass your pharmacology exam? dream on it.

ok, nbeelah GTG. she needs to STUDY. a paper study, not a tv series study.


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