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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

in the fatrah of Final Exam


When you ask for happiness and a beautiful life, ask not just for you, but for everyone.
When you ask for something better, ask not just for you, but for everyone.
By all means ask for abundance and health for you, but also ask for it to be given to everyone.
Can you imagine what would happen if over all of ur friends asked for these things for you? 

i just wanna sorry if i had hurt any of you guys before. and please pray for us, we really need you du'aaSSSS (plural)

hehe, bttauf8 wn naj7 6llab malizyeeeeeen fl ordon, mwaffe8 in$allah :)


'Ezzah Al-Islam said...

So sweeettt.. doakan utk kak izz jugak k ^^,

moga awak najah kak long! ganbate!!!

Ms Nbeela said...

hehe tkjut sb k iz kat sni, hehehe, insya allah, bittaufiq kak iz! <3 <3 <3

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